Tuesday, January 20, 2009

pretty, pretty, pretty

I washed and dried the Lisa Souza blend of Spanish Moss BFL and Shave Ice Merino/Silk. It's just lovely! I got 2 skeins, each about 4 oz. (100 g) and 340 yds. I'm not sure what will be knit with it yet. I was stash diving with Darcie* the other day when she brought her wheel over and found more of each of these fibers in my stash. I had no idea that I had more of them so I guess it's a good thing to stash dive once in a while.

Well, our deep freeze weather finally let up and we are enjoying the mild weather immensely! I guess when you are forced to deal with weeks of bitter cold it makes you appreciate the normal temps that you might take for granted otherwise. Kind of like that old adage about hitting your thumb with a hammer to take away the pain of a headache.

Speaking of headaches, I've got one today. I think it was my own fault. I porked out on BBQ chips last night before going to bed and then I couldn't sleep for hours. I don't handle MSG well so that could have been it. Or I might have had really high blood sugar from the pig out. Or both. Anyway, the headache is my penance for gluttony, I think. That'll teach me.

* Follow the link to Darcie's blog and see her first handspun yarn knit up into a hat. My first yarn wasn't nearly as nice.

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Aunt Kathy said...

Yeah BBQ chips are not a good bedtime snack... but the yarn is pretty. Hope the headache has gone away by now