Wednesday, January 14, 2009

honkin' big socks - another Epilogue

Remember these?
They're Dan's Honkin' Big Socks which were completed less than a year ago. Dan only wore them in the house, mostly while watching TV, and only when it was cold outside.

This is what they look like now.
(Note to self: Don't knit socks for Dan unless the yarn has nylon in it.)

They are past the point of no return. I will use Yarn Harlot's method of darning socks and say "Darn!" loudly while dropping them into the trash.

Now I will continue to be a good girl and not go looking on the internet for sturdy sock yarn to make new socks for Dan. I will stash-dive for something suitable, likely a couple of skeins of Opal or Regia that can be doubled in nice co-ordinating shades. I'm not crazy enough to commit to knitting socks for those honkin' big feet with one strand of fingering weight yarn. Double-stranded will be enough work.


Lynn said...

Oh those socks are a former shell of their original selves!!!! Yes I agree, DARN and in the trash they go! But they look like they've lived a very fulfilling life.

Aunt Kathy said...

They looked like they were well enjoyed

LizzieK8 said...

It's so sad you'd give up on a good pair of socks. Darning is so easy and extends the life of the sock. :(

Lovs2Knit said...

Poor socks! At least they were well loved. :~)
I have been wearing all my handknit socks year round (floors are cold in the house from the AC in the summer time), some of them for more then 2 years and I've never gotten holes. I know several pair are 100% Merino.

Anonymous said...

Stash dive?

HaveFaith said...

Don't throw away socks when just the bottoms are worn out. Make an outline of the foot that wears them, and knit a "sole". Then blanket stitch the sole onto the bottom of the sock (pin it on while it is on the foot so that the sock is stretched to the right size). Then they can be used as "cottage" socks to be worn in the house without shoes. Or if you have hiking boots that you've bought a little big to allow thicker socks, you could also wear them with those. No need to toss the perfectly good sock tops.