Monday, May 12, 2008

3-ply BFL

I finally got a chance to sit down and ply the BFL last night on the new Woolee Winder. I really, really like the tweedy denim result! The Woolee Winder worked so well for plying. I could just get into the rhythm and spin non-stop. It holds much more yarn than the Ashford bobbins. Here is what is left on the lazy kate after filling the WW bobbin.
I did a rough estimate of wraps per inch and got about 50 wpi on each ply and about 20 wpi on the plied yarn. I expect that the yarn will bloom a bit when washed so it should be good for socks, as planned.

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Hi, do you like the woolee winder? Is it worth the price? I really love seeing your wheel. I have a traditional Ashford single drive. I do spin backwards long draw but I don't think i spin fast enough for a woolee. Do you like it?
Also I was very impressed that you got pretty much the identical weight on your bobbins, and your plys are spun very lovely.
If you look down in my blog at you will see my poor wheel is so very sad as it had an injury. I live where there are no repairers of ashford wheels so dh did it but it does spin ok.
I am enjoying watching your posts, Your colors are very nice too. Is it hard to dye a rolag or roving? Yours are braided so well. I am opening a store on Etsy, I create one of a kind hand spindles, hand painted silk ribbons and other knit/ spin items. I would love bartering if you would ever want to.
grace in VT