Saturday, May 03, 2008

ho hum

Just a quick post from Saskatoon using Darcie's laptop.
Well, this is pretty much all Bentley wants to do at the dog show this weekend. Sister Chloe is a much more outgoing dog and struts her stuff in the ring. Bentley co-operates happily but he doesn't have that "it" factor that says "I'm a winner! Look at me!" Chloe has it in spades. And, you know, that's okay with me. Bentley is my little, entertaining cuddle bug whose goal in life is to touch some part of my body 24/7. So B and I will happily cheer Chloe on while she tries to make #1 Mini Long Dachsie in Canada this year!
Unfortunately Darcie and Kai haven't done any better than me and Bentley. Kai has got good looks from the judges but he has some pretty stiff competition too. Katie will go into Junior Handling tomorrow and Bentley and Kai have one more show then too. Then we will head home.

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