Monday, May 05, 2008

Little A&W on the Prairie

Couldn't resist taking this picture of the A&W standing all alone on the vast prairie. On the other side of the highway is the town of Davidson which is about halfway between Regina and Saskatoon. This A&W has a drive-thru and everything.


Susanne said...

Having grown up in Pense (halfway between Regina & Moose Jaw), we travelled to Davidson every 2nd Sunday to have dinner with my Grama and Aunt. It was always an "are we there yet" trip but my memories are wonderful. Always a huge cookie jar full, great dinner and long drive home with sleep involved!
Just met someone the other day who grew up in Cudworth! small, small world.

elizabeth said...

I just had to let you know that I dearly love this sort of observation and photo! When we're driving along and I see something and exclaim that "we have to stop so I can take a picture" it's many times accompanied by my husband's sigh, riddled with the knowledge that after 28 years of marriage I didn't surprise him at all with this request. :)