Friday, May 09, 2008

Fiber Friday, sort of...

Some updates today.

I finished the first Crosshatch Lace sock in Saskatoon. I know that I am a real Sock Knitter now because I grafted the toe closed without any written instructions!
I made the Comfy Sole. Now I need to finish up the second one so I can wear them. I dyed this merino/silk yarn to match an outfit that I have. I wore said outfit at the Saskatoon show last weekend and would have liked to have finished this pair before then. Obviously that didn't happen.
My Woolee Winder for the Elizabeth finally came this week.
I've been spinning like mad trying to finish up this bobbin so I can use the Woolee Winder to ply this yarn. I'm almost done!
The other two bobbins are waiting patiently.

The mailman brought these from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions today. I need more sock yarn like I need a hole in my head but ordered them anyway because I'm weak.

Left to right: Trekking XXL 106, Trekking XXL 189, and Opal SockenZirkus 2003.

I dyed some fiber last night and it is drying as we speak. I'll post pics when they're ready.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sock! Cute pup!!


Anonymous said...

Could you please send me a word file with a copy of your comfy soled sock pattern? I'm very new to this -- so not sure if I'm doing this right. My e-mail is

Thank you,