Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have been busy getting the dogs groomed for the last few days. All of them were bathed and brushed and Pocus got a haircut too. When I wasn't grooming I was trying desperately to finish the second Cross Hatch Lace sock so I could wear them one of these days. And they are done!
My sister Darcie made me one of her knitting row counters and I put it on my socks to show you how well the amethyst beads match my socks. In fact, it matches so well you can hardly see the counter so I took a close-up to show you how pretty it is and it's still hard to see. You can see better pics of her lovely row counters at her Muddy Paws Knits Etsy shop.


Lovs2Knit said...

Your socks look great. Your sisters row counters on my must have list. Those are the nicest row counters I've seen.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Hey Susan! Your socks are gorgeous! Thanks to you I now have several of your sister's beautiful row counters and one gifted to a friend! I never thought of counting rows when I knit my socks...duh!...and am always frustrated that one is longer than the other! lol Anyhow, I have written down Kelsey's address and will send her a couple of post cards from Boston and Maine this month.

Aunt Kathy said...


I was just visiting your sisters Etsy store, literally 3 minutes ago. I was admiring those stitch counters and wondering when I'd have enough $$ to get me a set. I had no idea you were sisters. Small world, huh?

Darcie said...

I blame my sister for all this fibre nonsense! It's all her fault! She is the one that got me into it. She is the one that is responsible for my considerable stash of sock yarn in just 10 months.

I think she is just paying me back for when I sat on her Barbie canopy bed.

Tina said...

Wow, what great socks and what a pretty row counter. Could wear it as an akle chain when wearing the socks?

Gloria Patre said...

Spectacular socks! I may just stop by at 2 a.m. and borrow them! tee hee! You make really beautiful socks!
Don't go thinking the dogs will bark and wake you up - I know all about bringing doggie treats - a small price to pay for such fab socks! LOL!!