Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ashford Joy, travel bag, and Woolee Winder

This post will likely only be interesting to Joy wheel owners so feel free to stop reading now if that's not you.

There were some questions on the Ravelry Ashford Spinners group about whether the Joy fits into its bag with the Woolee Winder on it. The answer is that it fits as well with the Woolee Winder as it does with its own flyer. I took some pictures to show you.

Here's the Joy with the Woolee Winder attached. As you can see the bag won't close.

However, here's the Joy with its own flyer attached. It doesn't fit either.

So the answer is, you have to remove the flyer to zip up the bag. Period.

Next, I tried to fit the Woolee Winder bobbin on the wheel when closed. It works fine.

Here's the bobbin from the rear. Fits as well as the Ashford bobbin.

So the moral of the story is that there is no difference whatsoever packing up the Joy for the travel bag with the Woolee Winder.

By the way, all of the pics were taken in my sunroom. We finally have Spring! It's as warm outside as in! Yay!


Nancy said...

Thanks for the info on the WW with the Joy. Could I impose on you to take a picture of it folded with the WW in the special flyer spot? :) Also - how do you find the size of the WW bobbins vs the standard Joy bobbins?

Tessa said...

Thansk for taking the trouble to do this, it's really helpful. I didn't know there was a ww to fit the Joy.

Preetha Biju said...

very nice blog.